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This clinic does not provide emergency or urgent appointments.

To contact child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Hedderman, or to request an appointment, please use this form

Success! Message received.

Postal Address:

Dr. Elma Hedderman

PO BOX 12817

Edmondstown Road

Dublin 16

Clinic Address  (NO POST!):


Rathmichael Clinic
Rathmichael Park
Dublin Road
Dublin 18      D18 DK65

No post to this address please.

Please note that , apart from Medico Legal inquiries, we are CLOSED for all new referrals.

Practice Manager - Noel O'Kelly - Telephone:  089 4947446

email: Use form above or

Please Note!

Dr. Hedderman attends at Rathmichael Clinic for appointments only

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