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This clinic does not provide emergency or urgent appointments.

Comprehensive  therapeutic clinical assessment - GP Referrals

An individual assessment with Dr. Hedderman is much more than a one-off appointment.  Typically an assessment includes:

  • At least three appointments involving meetings with parents and the young person both together and separately.

  • Review of any relevant professional reports, and liaison with involved parties as appropriate.

  • Collaborative work with the family to produce an understanding of the young person's current difficulties.

  • Planning the intervention/treatment pathway for the young person.

  • Provision of detailed report.

  • Further psychoeducation and medication (if needed) can be provided by Dr. Hedderman.

  • Psychotherapy is not provided but Dr. Hedderman can provide recommendations in this regard


Comprehensive medico-legal assessment - Legal Referrals

A comprehensive therapeutic clinical assessment as detailed above, but focused on the specific legal issues.


Referrals ONLY from GP's or Legal Representatives

This clinic does not currently provide assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Due to unprecedented pressure on our service, we are not accepting new referrals until further notice.

We have also had to restrict our service to young people aged 12 to 17.

Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) Assessment - GP Referrals

A comprehensive therapeutic clinical assessment as detailed above, followed by the completion of the required DARE forms.


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